What are some self-care practices you use for stress?

I had a monk I met once tell me that once a month I can regain focus and limit stress by not interacting with anyone for 24 hours. That advice does a world of good for me. As for activities I find that painting and reading limits stress

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My newest favorite way to help manage my stress is in bed yoga. It helps me relax so I have a better chance at getting a good nights sleep.

I just started a bath salt line and i use my products it help me to relax, rejuvenate and refocus my mind. i also practice mindfulness and yoga.

I exercise, cook and clean. Cleaning helps me feel like my life is organised, and I’m passionate about food and fotness (as anyone who’s seen me on Instagram knows) so all those things chase my stress away

Video games and baking! Especially now that I have a stand mixer I can bake without hurting too much afterwards. Pretty sure it’s helping my husband’s stress too.

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One the most successful self-care tools I use that ables me to recognize my emotions and regulate is the practise of meditation. :slight_smile:

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Right now it’s bread, my husband has Celiac Disease so being able to nail gluten free bread has been really satisfying!

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Anyone else have a playlist they turn to?
Here’s mine!

I’ve started meditating daily. Also having a sounding board to vent frustrations to helps

I take a nice warm bath with fizzy bombs in it and do breathing exercises.

I am a psychologist and former faculty member and university president. My psychological interests have been focused on first responders and human services workers. In my work, I wrote two books, “Stress and the Police” and “Stress Management for Human Services” In these books, I tried to identify common sources of stress, individual stress cycles as measured through the Stress Behavior Cycle, the role of personal and relational factors including authoritarian attitudes, Type A Behavior, Irrational Thinking , Anger, Relational and Cultural Factors, and work related issues. Treatment focuses on taking a personal approach, exercise, spirituality, recreation, systematic relaxation, time management and finally an evaluation of one’s relationship to one’s job. It Works!

I cuddle with my cat :cat:! I think (provided you have enough time/energy/money to handle a pet) that pets can be some of the best destressors. (But they also can cause stress sometimes.)

I meditate regularly. Mindfulness is an amazing thing. I also weight train and do yoga. Exercise is a big thing for me.